45 Sex Games for Couples: The Ultimate List

You love to get down and dirty with your lover, but sometimes you want to try something new or take things to the next level. That’s where sex games for couples come in: they give you prompts, new ideas, and sexy activities you can try with your lover to expand your sexual horizons.

There are many different types of couples sex games, including:

  • Dice games
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Books (including our own ebook sex game)

All of these types of sex games feature different types of activities, including elements of:

  • Foreplay
  • Teasing
  • Truth or Dare
  • Sex positions
  • Sex toys
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism
  • Bondage/BDSM
  • Erotica
  • Outdoor sex
  • Sex in new places
  • Lingerie/sexy attire
  • And many more

With so many games available, it can be hard to track down and compare them all to find the best sex game for you and your lover. That’s why we created the ultimate list! Here are 45 sexy games you can play to bust bedroom boredom and take your sex life to amazing new heights.

1. Bedroom Boredom Busters

sex game for couplesOur own flagship hybrid book/game for couples, Bedroom Boredom Busters takes loves on a sexual adventure through 31 amazing nights of passion. Each partner gets 15 activities to plan for an element of scintillating surprise that’ll build to amazing orgasms – plus a special “bonus date” to plan together!


Instant download

Multiple days/nights/dates of fun (31 total)

Uncomplicated, easy to play, yet super fun


2. XXX-opoly

2016-08-30 13_43_55-StartFulfill your wildest fantasies in this game that was ranked the #1 adult board game of the year.


Learn to satisfy your partner

Strengthen your relationship

Makes a sexy holiday gift




3. Sex Stack

2016-08-30 14_02_53-StartThis unique game is like a mix between Jenga and card games to deliver an amazing night of passionate sex.


Teaser and Hardcore cards

Pull blocks from the stack to reveal your sexual activity

Don’t knock the stack over or you’ll have to do as your lover commands




4. Nookii

Nookii adult gameThis “board” game has no board – you play it on each other’s bodies!


Board-less “board game”

Roll the dice and take a card

Do what the card says



5. I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions

I Dare You sex gameFrom sexpert Susie Bright comes this seductively simple, yet supremely pleasurable, game that features sexy prompts for even sexier playtime.


30 seductive prompts and dares

Open the sealed envelope and read the prompts out loud

You won’t play the same way twice



6. Sexplicit

Sexplicit gameWrite your own adult game with this unique take on couples sex games!


100 scenarios

2 pencils

Endless possibilities







7. Spicy Dice

spicy diceThis new take on the age-old dice game adds a third dice to the mix!


Dice 1 – What to do (kiss, lick)

Dice 2 – What part to do it on (lips, nipples)

Dice 3 – Where to do it (bedroom, car)







8. 4Play

4play gameThis game is actually a collection of four mini-games you can play with your lover.


Sexy Dice

Wheel of Pleasure

Foreplay Fortune

SEX Marks The Spot




9. A Year of Sex!

a year of sex gameThis popular pack of sex position cards has already sold more than a million copies!


3 card games in total

Each card has a foreplay activity or sex position to try

100,000 possible fantasies








10. Sensations

sensations gameThis complete board game includes the timer and the toys so you have everything you need to fulfill your sexual fantasies!


Stimulates all 5 senses for a total sensual experience

Activate favor coupons

Everything needed to play included




11. Couples Kindle Cards

couples card gameEnjoy 52 weeks of emotional and physical intimacy with this card game that’s based on research findings and expert recommendations.


Weekly activities

Activities designed to enhance communication and intimacy

Budget-friendly action steps – not just a bedroom game



12. Sex is Fun

sex is funThis card game for couples challenges you to share fantasies and try things you’ve never done before.


Based on the popular book

Dirtier, crazier, kinkier than ever before

Optional wagering, bluffing and daring








13. Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

sexy truth or dareThe most orgasmic game of pick-up-sticks you’ll ever play!


Take turns pulling the sticks out of the can

Perform the dare listed on the stick

50 sticks for a total of 100 dares




14. Full Disclosure

adult board game for couplesThis adult board game for couples features two items in a single bundle: the strip truth or dare board game plus a card with 10 sexy questions to get your engines burning.


2-in-1 game bundle (board game plus questions card)

120 truth or dare activities

Reveal your sexy secrets and learn your lover’s kinks


15. Naked & Naughty Adult Couples Bundle

naughty and naked adult card gameStay in and play with this two-game bundle: a card game with naughty actions to perform on your lover, and bonus card featuring 10 sexy questions to heat things up during foreplay.


2-in-1 game bundle (card game plus questions card)

Take turns flipping cards to perform naughty actions

The cards tell you when to strip!


16. Strip Bedroom Blackjack

sexy blackjack card gameYou’ll wager to bare all in this sexy deck of cards featuring erotic activities to perform on every suited card!


Great for strip blackjack, go fish, poker and other card games

52 suited cards, 8 wildcards, 1 instruction card

Includes bonus questions card to spice up foreplay


17. Get Nasty

get nasty gameWhat better name for a board game packed with racy activity cards?


Racy cards with sexy acts to perform on each other

Travel size for on-the-go fun

Hide Get Nasty cards for each other to find and act out!



18. Sex Around the House

sex around the house gameRoll the dice and move to different rooms on the game board. When you pull a sexy activity card, perform it on your lover – in the corresponding real room in your house!


Move from room-to-room performing sexual favors

Each room on the gameboard corresponds to a real room in your house to play in

Comes with a bonus questions card to get your sexy juices flowing during foreplay



19. Fundic Love Dice

Fun DiceThis unique take on the traditional dice game adds in activity duration plus… household chores?


Roll the dice to find out what to do, what room to do it, and for how long

Your choice and “do nothing” rolls included

Household chores on some rolls: wash dishes, sweep, etc.




20. Secret VII Game

Secret VIIDo foreplay your way with Secret VII, an adult board game for couples that uses cards, timer and dice to increase intimacy.


Sexual orientation and gender-neutral

Also a communication tool

Everything included in one box



21. The Oral Sex Game

oral sex gameOral sex lovers will be in heaven when you play this mouthwatering game with your partner!


Move around the board and learn new oral sex techniques to try on your lover

Game board, markers, dice, and rules included

5 new oral sex techniques for him, 5 for her




22. Sex Scenarios

role play cardsAwaken your fetishes with role play action cards packed with stimulating foreplay activities.


Focused on role play fetishes: hotel maid, schoolgirl, doctor and patient, etc.

60 role play action cards

Bonus “sex questions” foreplay card



23. Let’s F*ck!

let's fuck gameThe goal of this game for couples is clear, but you’ll have fun meandering around the board and trying out new sexual activities before you get there!


Spin the wheel, move around the board, and perform foreplay acts on each other

When you reach the bed, do the sex position the spinner points to

Easy and fun to play


24. 50 Days of Play

50 days of play gameReady to give BDSM a try? 50 Days of Play makes it easy to delve into the world of being a dominant or submissive.


Roll the dice to pick an activity envelope (invitation) – one each for 50 days

The color of the envelope dictates which partner is dominant and which is submissive for the current activity

A great way to try out both roles!



25. Bedroom Commands

bedroom commandsAssume the roles of “Sexy Bitch” and “Dirty Daddy” and take turns pulling cards to what command you’ll give your lover.


108 game cards with wild – not mild – sexy commands!

Double-deck game: half the cards are for him, half are for her

Play all at once, or play over multiple days


26. The Bedroom Game

the bedroom gameExplore your hidden desires with seductive foreplay and new sex positions in this adult card game for couples.


Card topics include teasing & tickling, foreplay & romance, role play & fantasy, edibles, bondage & fetish, and more

Complete dice and card game in one box

Roll the dice then select the corresponding colored card to pick your next activity




27. Strip Tease Game

strip tease gameGetting naked is only half the fun with this deck of cards that can be used to spice up poker, blackjack, go fish and more!


One side of the cards has the standard numbers and suites

The other side lists sexy dares

Get each other naked, then perform the dares as you draw cards during your favorite games






28. A Little Lovin’

a little lovinThe  fun to play “romance your day” adult couple game!


104 playing cards

Packed with romantic and sex acts to perform

Complete rules and instructions included









29. Kama Sutra Game

kama sutra gameLearn the secrets of the Kama Sutra in this game designed to push you to new sexual heights.


Based on the teachings and sex positions of the Kama Sutra

Learn and try many new sex positions

Become more confident and skilled lovers

30. I.O.U

IOU gameI.O.U. is the game of hidden pleasures – learn new bedroom tricks and add new twists to your favorite sex acts.


Exchange hidden I.O.U. cards with your lover

Perform the sexy activities on each card

42 cards featuring sexplay suggestions




31. Monogamy

monogamy gameHave a hot affair… with your lover!


Voted Adult Game of the Year

400 seductive activities

3 levels of play – Intimate, Passionate, and Steamy



32. Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets

lucky sexIt’s the sexiest lottery you’ll ever play!


Scratch off the ticket

Match three symbols and perform the sexy act

Every ticket’s a winner!





33. Cosmo’s Kinky Sex Games

Cosmo's kinky sex gamesMake love, not war with this kit featuring ten hot games from the editors of Cosmo.


240 pages

10 sex game cards

From Cosmo Magazine





35. Sex Checks

sex checksWrite a check your ass can cash… though there might be plenty of bouncing!


60 checks

Give a check to your lover to be cashed later

Each check features a fun and intimate activity


36. The Sexy Little Book of Sex Games

sex games bookA fun book packed with sex games you can play with your lover.


Unique games from foreplay to fantasy fulfillment

Try new things and learn what your lover likes

By sexologist Dr. Ava Cadell







37. Spin the Bottle

spin the bottle sex gamePress the button to give the bottle a spin, then perform the naughty dare it lands on.


Fun, easy game play

16 different activities

It’s the classic game of spin the bottle, sexed up for the bedroom – no bottle needed!







38. Body Twist Her

body twist her gameTurn your body into a Twister mat by sticking the colored circles wherever you’d like to be touched, then have your partner spin the board to find out where they need to place their lips, hands, and more!


Both partners play at once

Twist into exciting new sex positions

Unique game with endless possibilities




39. Tastees Tease

tastee teaseThis board game for couples invites you to escape reality and indulge in world of sexual fantasy.


Designed to seduce the senses

Can be played as a couple – or with other couples and singles (2-6 players)

150 rewards, 150 forfeits and 50 fantasies included



40. Intimate Dares

Intimate DaresDesigned for friends and lovers, this card game promises hours of sexy fun.


Intimate Dares playing cards deck

Dare cards

Complete instructions included








41. Sexy Party

sexy partyThis PC board game for couples is uniquely configurable: each player inputs what fetishes they’re into, what clothes they’re wearing, what toys and accessories are on-hand, and their gender; then you take turns rolling the dice, buying properties, and performing mild to wild sex acts on each other.


Perfect for couples or get kinky with many players

Select your orientation

“Chicken outs” let you opt out of the wildest dares

42. Ardor

Ardor the gameThis supremely-popular sex game for couples encourages you to experience your fantasies. Compete against your lover, and you’ll both win!


30 truth or dare cards

30 foreplay cards

30 sex cards

43. iBlush

iBlush gameFrom the makers of Sexy Party, iBlush is a game designed to help couples enhance their sexual pleasure together. It can also be played with up to 8 people, where couples can choose to perform sex acts only on each other or on anyone in the group.


Configurable with couples and orientation

Downloadable PC game

Can be purchased in a bundle with other games

44. 1,000 Sex Games

1000 sex gamesEnjoy endless nights of great sex with 1,000 Sex Games, the game where every path leads to amazing sex!


Roll the dice and spin the spinner to play

Foreplay and Passion cards dictate the hot ‘n heavy action

Play it again and again





45. Bondage Seductions

bondage seductionsYou’ve heard about bondage; now, you can explore the genre with this introduction to BDSM.


Includes everything you need

Cards, blindfold, dice

Restraints and whip



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